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Net Neutrality

AT&T Mobility faces $100M fine for misleading consumers

Feel like your mobile Internet connection has been slower than usual? Well, if you’re an AT&T Mobility customer, that may be the case. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans to slap AT&T Mobility with a $100 million fine for allegedly “throttling” speeds for unlimited data customers— the largest fine ever of its…...

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Victory for net neutrality!

More than 3,000 CUB Action Network members sent messages to the FCC over the past months saying “Save my Internet!” Today, we learned that the pressure worked. In a historic decision, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3- 2 to approve rules reclassifying the Internet as a “common carrier” under the Telecommunications Act.  The action…...

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The vote that could save the Internet

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to vote tomorrow on whether or not to re-classify the Internet as a public utility, which can be protected and regulated through federal authority. Why does this matter to you, oh-average-unassuming-consumer? Because this decision is a game changer for net neutrality. Net neutrality…...

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The most important vote ever for net neutrality

In 2014, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received more than 4 million comments on net neutrality from concerned consumers like you. You made your voice loud and clear: Don’t slow down my Internet. Now we’ve got proof that the pressure’s working. The FCC is considering reclassifying Internet Service Providers (ISPs)…...

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New year, new hope for the Internet?

Recently at the world’s largest consumer electronics show, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler appeared to defend the reclassification of broadband Internet under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. That bombshell appears to be a big win for net neutrality, the idea that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must treat all Internet content…...

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A new utility for CUB?

The White House has come out in support of reclassifying broadband Internet as a utility. That would be a win for “net neutrality,” enabling the Federal Communications Commission to prohibit Internet Service Providers from blocking, throttling or prioritizing Web services in exchange for payment. Net neutrality is the idea that…...

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