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Is cable a waste of money, or not?

A new survey by CouponCabin.com indicates 45 percent of consumers think paying for cable TV is a waste of money. But here’s the kicker: 81 percent of us pay for it anyway. What do those numbers say? We don’t seem to mind paying for the programs and channels we actually…...

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Got a smartphone? You’re probably overpaying for data

Illinois consumers are overspending on cellphone data plans by $1.4 billion dollars each year. That’s according to a report released today by CUB and wireless research firm Validas. The report, based on an analysis of more than 100,000 wireless bills nationwide, shows that the vast majority of cellphone users are…...

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Breaking: Consumers beat back Big Telecom

CUB staffers love their smartphones and Internet phone service, but landlines still reserve a special place in our hearts. That’s because more than 2 million Illinois households rely on a landline to stay connected with friends, relatives, job opportunities, and emergency services. So we’re happy that the Illinois Senate today unanimously…...

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