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gas prices

Take the home heating quiz

October is the beginning of the winter heating season (GULP!) and it’s also Energy Awareness Month. This is the perfect time to take CUB’s Home Heating Quiz and test your energy knowledge. You could win a free energy-saving kit from CUB that includes: two LED light bulbs, a smart power strip, and…...

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CUB alert: Your utility’s October gas prices

Here are the gas prices you can expect to pay this month to the regulated gas utility in your area: Nicor Gas: 29 cents per therm Ameren: 35.869 cents per therm Peoples Gas: 28.26 cents per therm North Shore Gas: 32.45 cents per therm In honor of Energy Efficiency Day…...

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CUB alert: Your utility’s May gas prices

Spring is here…and so are your new gas prices: Nicor Gas: 37 cents per therm Ameren: 36 cents per therm Peoples Gas: 27.48 cents per therm North Shore Gas: 34.44 cents per therm This is the third consecutive month Peoples Gas’ rate has been in the 20s. That may be…...

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Are rising gas prices pushing Chicagoans to EVs?

Whether you’re environmentally conscience or searching for better economic choices, Electric Vehicles (EVs) present benefits across the board, especially in cities with rising gas prices, like Chicago. A spokesman for AAA said earlier this month that Chicago’s average gas price was $3.46 a gallon, a 35 percent increase from last…...

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