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Top 3 tips to save money this summer!

Summer electric rates are going up, up, up, but never fear: CUB has you covered with the top 3 money-saving tips to reduce your electric bill over those sweltering summer months. 1.)    Keep it cool…without cranking the AC! Without a doubt, the biggest contributor to high power bills in the…...

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7 tips for protecting your home from the ‘damn cold’

The experts say Illinois is getting slammed by a “polar vortex,” a rotating pool of frigid air bringing dangerous, record-low temperatures and wind chills of up to 50 degrees below zero. But one Chicago native had a simple way of describing it: It’s “damn cold.” The same energy efficiency tips…...

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10 energy-saving tips for pet owners

Energy efficiency can be a major challenge for pet owners, who typically have a furry, feathery or scaly resident that never leaves the house. But you don’t have to choose between keeping your pet comfortable and minimizing your energy costs—these simple actions will help you achieve both. 1. Use a programmable thermostat. In…...

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Good news for Ameren natural gas customers?

Ameren is predicting its customers will see lower natural gas prices this winter—but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll see lower bills. The utility says it expects prices to hover between 53 and 55 cents per therm, down about 5 percent from the prices customers paid last winter. But Ameren cautioned that lower prices don’t guarantee…...

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5 no-cost tips to cut your summer energy bills

Summer is here, and along with all the fun stuff comes an annual spike in our electric bills.  To keep more money in your pocket for road trips, pool visits and ice cream, here are five no-cost tips to cut your summer energy costs: Avoid placing lamps or TV sets…...

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