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Illinois American Water

‘Rate-hike barrage’: Illinois utilities launch unprecedented campaign to raise rates by a combined total of $2.9 billion

CUB’s legal team faces an unprecedented challenge, as five of Illinois’ major utilities are asking for delivery rate hikes totaling $2.9 billion.  Illinois consumers know how important this fight is–with the rising cost of living due to inflation, many of them face hard decisions. Nearly 34% of American households reduced…...

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‘Protection’ during the pandemic? Big water company pitches peace of mind—but you should think twice

Tucked away in a news release about a major water company’s COVID-19-related donations was a pitch for insurance plans that cover utility-related home repairs. While the company promises “the unexpected—protected,” such offers often end up costing customers more than they’re worth.  American Water is the parent company of Illinois American,…...

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Working hard for consumers in Springfield

Legislative update by Bryan McDaniel, CUB Director of Governmental Affairs A cold, snowy winter isn’t going to stop CUB from advocating on your behalf at the state Capitol. During the summer months I attend CUB outreach events in order to experience firsthand the best part of working at CUB, helping…...

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Last chance: Fight terrible water bill

A few weeks ago we told you that a terrible bill—an update to the Water Privatization Act—had to be passed again by the Illinois General Assembly because of a legal technicality. Here’s why the bill is terrible: It allows Illinois’ biggest private water monopolies (Illinois American and Aqua) to march…...

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From the CUB archives: Great moments in “customer service”

This 2005 letter is in our Hall of Fame of goofy customer service. The poor guy was one of many in Orland Park to complain about skyrocketing water bills–and Illinois-American Water said his grass was too green!...

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CUB wants to know: What do YOU think is IL’s biggest rate-hike battle?

This week marks the beginning of our statewide Consumer Campaign. All month, we’ll be asking Illinois consumers to stand with our tiny legal team and fight billions of dollars in rate-hike battles. But first we want to get your opinion on what battle is most important to you. Vote here…...

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