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Alternative suppliers

Consumer Alert: Highest prices in the Illinois electric market

The Illinois electric market can be confusing (and expensive!) but CUB is here to help. We reviewed more than 100 individual offers from alternative electric suppliers across Illinois and we want to warn you about the highest prices we found.  Some of these rates about double that of the regulated utility! In  ComEd territory,…...

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Special Report: Is your community power deal still best for you?

Once, municipal aggregation—when community leaders negotiate power prices on behalf of residents–was a sure bet for electricity savings. Not any more. “Although it’s still possible to save money with electric competition, the era of easy savings is over in Illinois,” CUB Executive Director David Kolata says in CUB’s special report today. Kolata advises consumers…...

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Have you seen this gas supplier at your door?

Check out this hard-hitting report out of Canada about Just Energy, an alternative gas supplier that in the past has gotten in hot water over questionable marketing practices in Illinois. Remember, if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. See our tips from last winter.   ...

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Updates to Chicago Power Calculator

CUB is hosting a news conference today to announce updates to the Chicago Power Deal Calculator in time for changing October electric rates. CUB launched the calculator this summer to help Chicago residents decide if they are better off staying with the City’s municipal aggregation deal with Integrys Energy Services or switching to…...

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Uh oh! 4 red flags in the electric market

Ballooning rates.  Misleading marketing.  Changing rates.  Aggregation deals gone awry.  Some pretty crazy stories have emerged in the Illinois electric market this year. CUB has been keeping an eye on developments to help consumers protect themselves in these treacherous times.  While many alternative electric suppliers are acting appropriately in the market,…...

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The dog ate….their credibility

In 15 years at CUB, I’ve heard my share of goofy pitches from alternative gas/electric suppliers. But I never thought I’d hear of sales reps pulling the old “dog ate my homework” excuse to try to close a deal. Recently we received a complaint from Scott of Downers Grove, who said a…...

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