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Beware bad gas deals

With federal predictions that we could pay the lowest winter heating bills in more than a decade, be careful to avoid bad gas deals peddled by alternative suppliers. For roughly 15 years, Northern Illinois consumers have been able to choose another company to supply their natural gas–other than the regulated utilities, North…...

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“No solicitors”

Are you fed up with aggressive and misleading door-to-door marketing? At CUB, we consider it our duty to defend consumers from deceptive business practices from alternative electric and gas suppliers (We even helped negotiate $570,000 in consumer refunds from suppliers in 2015). But we need your help to accomplish this…...

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CUB’s summer vacation

“You have made a tremendous difference in our lives. You made us feel like someone is looking out for the little guys.” Two young parents, for whom CUB helped get the gas turned back on, said those kind words to us in a recent email. We live for helping Illinois…...

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End door-to-door sales!

Sick of alternative energy suppliers knocking at your door?  We are, too! Illinois residents have the option of choosing their gas and electric suppliers.  With the lure of new customers, many alternative gas and electric suppliers have sent representatives through neighborhoods to try to attract business. Having the freedom to choose your…...

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Consumer collects $598.13 electric refund with CUB’s help

By Samantha Vercellino Doreen, of Country Club Hills, couldn’t figure out why her power bills were becoming unusually expensive. Not wanting to be left in the dark, she headed to a CUB speaking engagement in Richton Park for answers. At the event, she sat down with Community Service Liaison Aimee…...

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Uh oh! 4 red flags in the electric market

Ballooning rates.  Misleading marketing.  Changing rates.  Aggregation deals gone awry.  Some pretty crazy stories have emerged in the Illinois electric market this year. CUB has been keeping an eye on developments to help consumers protect themselves in these treacherous times.  While many alternative electric suppliers are acting appropriately in the market,…...

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