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Consumer Advocacy

$125+ million in consumer savings in 2018–$20+ billion total!

CUB’s team helped save Illinois consumers more than $125 million in 2018, adding to the $20 billion in savings since the consumer watchdog opened its doors 35 years ago. “We thank Illinois consumers for their generous support,” CUB Executive Director David Kolata said. “CUB members are the heroes in this…...

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From the CUB files: The case of the “mixed meter,” and a $495 refund

Each year, thousands of Illinoisans call CUB with complaints or inquiries about their utility companies—that includes Charlene. The 75-year-old condo resident didn’t know why her electric bill had skyrocketed. She cares about efficiency—turns off lights, unplugs unused appliances, sets the thermostat no higher than 68 degrees, and avoids energy guzzlers…...

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Consumer Alert: Does your gas bill have a charge from Nicor Home Solutions?

When’s the last time you carefully looked at your Nicor Gas bill? Is there a charge from Nicor Home Solutions tucked away among all the other charges? If there is, get the facts:  Fact: Nicor Home Solutions is NOT Nicor Gas, the regulated utility. Nicor Home Solutions is an unregulated affiliate…...

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AT&T tells her ‘the check’s in the mail;’ (but it wasn’t!)

By: Sagar Dommaraju All Barbara Hardin wanted was the $11.78 AT&T owed her. For 11 months, she called the company a dozen times to try to get her money back. She had no such luck, until CUB got involved. When the retired homecare worker first noticed that she overpaid on…...

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First Quarter Report: $58,828 in Consumer Savings

While CUB’s legal and policy teams fought $6 billion in higher rates in the first quarter of 2016, the consumer advocacy and outreach departments were busy too, helping consumers save an estimated $58,828.08. According to CUB records, the outreach department–which holds money-saving events across Illinois–showed consumers how to cut their utility…...

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CUB turns bad customer service into a $215 refund

By Samantha Vercellino Almost two years ago Helen Paul cancelled her services with the alternative supplier Kona Energy and switched back to the regulated utility. However, just recently she discovered her termination request never went through. Kona Energy was still her supplier. The Hazel Crest resident wasted no time calling…...

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