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rate hike

New boost? No way!

Recent survey results reveal that CUB Action Network members aren’t too keen on an Exelon proposal that could increase power bills by $300 million per year. Or, as one feisty member put it: “They are already ripping off the public with high rates. Enough is enough!” Crain’s Chicago Business reported last week…...

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Keeping up with $1.6 billion in Illinois rate-hike battles

Consumer wallets took a big hit in January, with four utility rate increases–and a new $53 million natural gas rate-hike request. On Jan. 1, ComEd and Ameren were awarded a combined electric rate increase of $436 million (about $232 million for ComEd and $204 for Ameren). CUB filed a  “petition for…...

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Déjà vu: Rate-hike edition

Ameren’s had $90 million in rate hikes since 2008, and now it wants more. In late January, Ameren Illinois filed for a $53 million natural gas rate hike, including  a return on equity (profit rate for shareholders) of more than 10 percent.  This is the same Ameren whose parent company earned more…...

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Breaking: Peoples, North Shore Gas receive $78.5 million in rate hikes

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) Wednesday granted Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas a $78.5 million increase in delivery rates ($74.8 million for Peoples Gas, $3.7 million for North Shore Gas, according to ICC figures). We’re glad the ICC slashed the companies’ initial rate requests by more than $50 million, but we still think the…...

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CUB to would-be Peoples Gas parent: Is that all you got?

On the pages of the Chicago Tribune this week, CUB gave a message to the would-be parent of Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas: Do more for Chicago-area gas customers! On Thursday, the watchdog group was asked to react to some pro-consumer promises Wisconsin Energy made in its filing asking…...

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Good news for Peoples, North Shore Gas non-heating customers!

As a Chicago renter who only uses natural gas to cook, I’ve often asked, “Why is my bill $50!?” I only use a few therms a month, and gas prices are in the neighborhood of 50 cents a therm—relatively low compared to past years. I’m hoping that’s about to change.…...

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