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consumer protections

Don’t let Sen. McConnell kill net neutrality

This year, the U.S. House of Representatives listened to the 86% of Americans across the political spectrum who want net neutrality protections back, and passed the Save the Internet Act. The bill would restore internet consumer protections federal regulators killed in 2017, but it’s going nowhere. In fact, it was…...

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Executive Director’s Report

Because of CUB’s most valuable supporters, here’s an update on where we’re at with some key battles in Springfield. Also, we want to let you know about a special offer in honor of CUB’s 35th anniversary. 35 years ago this month, a small group of consumer advocates began challenging high…...

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Join the fight for stronger electric consumer protections in Illinois

We’ve got breaking news: Unregulated electricity suppliers may launch a summer lobbying campaign to weaken new consumer protections soon to be considered by state lawmakers. We need you to take action. Just days ago, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) took the positive step of approving new rules designed to help…...

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CUB to would-be Peoples Gas parent: Is that all you got?

On the pages of the Chicago Tribune this week, CUB gave a message to the would-be parent of Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas: Do more for Chicago-area gas customers! On Thursday, the watchdog group was asked to react to some pro-consumer promises Wisconsin Energy made in its filing asking…...

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