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Utility Diaries: A Month of Bills in Urbana, Illinois

In Utility Diaries, we look at what different households across Illinois pay in a month for utility expenses.  Today’s household consists of two people in a rented house in Urbana.   Housing Background Location: Urbana, IL Household Size: 2 people Housing Type: House Rent or Own: Rent Square Footage: 1,215 Year…...

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Ballooning bills, silent customer service: CUB joins ICC probe into three alternative suppliers

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is investigating three alternative suppliers–Realgy, Liberty Power and Switch Energy–after receiving hundreds of complaints from consumers about  marketing techniques, unresponsive call centers and an unusual Realgy fee that has caused bills to skyrocket overnight. CUB’s legal team is intervening in the cases. These companies are…...

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November natural gas rates trending up

November gas prices are more expensive this month than last, with the exception of Nicor Gas.  The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has anticipated an uptick. Last month, the organization predicted that natural gas bills across the Midwest could be about 8 percent higher than last winter. Over the winter season,…...

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New ComEd and Ameren rates: January 2019

What happened with your ComEd and Ameren rates as of January 1? CUB breaks it down for you. ComEd Customers Rates for ComEd increased slightly. » Single family homes without electric heat Monthly Customer Charge: $11.31/month (formerly $10.84/month) Distribution Facilities Charge: 3.539¢/kWh (formerly 3.171¢/kWh) » Multifamily homes without electric heat Monthly Customer Charge: $8.13/month (formerly $7.68/month) Distribution Facilities…...

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Gas Market Monitor: 9/10 alternative supplier offers have been money-losers

CUB’s free online tool, the Gas Market Monitor, has some startling findings about Northern Illinois’ natural gas market: 9 of 10 plans offered by unregulated suppliers have been money-losers since 2003. CUB announced the numbers in a news conference today to give Northern Illinois households a warning as they prepare for another long…...

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Debunked: 5 Home Heating Myths You Still Believe

It’s time for Mythbusters: CUB Edition. As temperatures drop, make sure you’re not falling victim to these home heating myths.  Learn how to heat your home efficiently and economically this winter. 1. MYTH: The higher you set your thermostat, the faster it will heat your home. FACT: After coming in shivering from…...

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