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Not without a fight: Sign a petition to save your Internet

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has revealed a troubling net neutrality plan that could divide Internet traffic into a “fast lane” and “slow lane” depending on how much cash companies fork over. The plan has struck a nerve with CUB Action Network members, who sent more than 3,100 messages to…...

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Fed up with soaring utility rates? Guv says: YES!

As the story goes, in the early 1980s a young activist trying to build support in Springfield for the creation of the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) bumped into a ComEd lobbyist who wore a three-piece suit. “Never in a million years” would there be a CUB, the lobbyist proclaimed. CUB was…...

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Visit CUB’s 30th Anniversary Page!

It’s CUB’s big 3-0! Visit CUB’s 30th Anniversary page to read a message from Executive Director Dave Kolata, peruse heartwarming stories from Illinois consumers, and see a slideshow of CUB’s “greatest hits” through the years. (Seriously, those pictures are not to be missed– especially if you want to see Illinois’ big players in action, or if…...

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